What should you know before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery?

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Rhinoplasty may be chosen by those who want to change their nose’s function or shape. Sometimes, both of these reasons are true. Understanding the different aspects is important when planning a rhinoplasty. You should know the specific features of your nose before you have the surgery. Decide which part of your nasal structure should be changed for better functionality. This is why you need to consult with a specialist doctor. The doctor may tell you how to modify cartilage or bones, or even skin. Only you will know if the Rhinoplasty is right for you rhinoplasty portland.

What is your reason for undergoing this surgery?

The main reason people choose rhinoplasty surgery is to correct a deformity in their nose shape or function. The most common reason is to fix some sort of deformity with their nose. Some people have problems with the size of the nose or its proportion. Some people have problems with their nose because of an injury, or even a birth deformity. They choose Rhinoplasty as a way to fix it.

What risks are associated with Rhinoplasty?

Your surgery will be relatively safe. However, some risks can occur.

– You could go through openings and perforations on your nose bridge.

It is possible to experience bleeding out of your nose. Sometimes blood clots occur.

If the operation doesn’t work out, the shape of your nostril may look a bit odd.

You may notice a reduced sense of smell.

– Different facial parts can be numb.

– Some patients may have severe difficulties breathing.

You may have many scars after a major surgery.

How to prepare your body for Rhinoplasty surgery

Most doctors explain the Rhinoplasty procedure in detail to their patient. The doctors want the patients to be fully prepared for their surgery.

– Always tell the doctor about your medical history. This will help the doctor understand you better. Before the procedure, allergies or bleeding-related problems should be discussed.

A complete physical examination of the patients should be conducted. During this examination, all cosmetic details on the nose must be examined.

– Patients with small chins are sometimes seen. In such cases, doctors usually recommend that the patient augments their chin before rhinoplasty.

– Doctors should make sure they explain to the patient the entire procedure and all its after-effects. This will help them prepare for the risks.

The patient will have to stop smoking for several weeks before the operation. The patient should not smoke for a few weeks before the surgery.

If a patient is taking blood-thinning medicine, he/she must stop them or at least tell the doctor about it so that they can take any necessary action.

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty surgery

Patients are concerned about the way they will feel during and after surgery. Rhinoplasty is no different. When you undergo the procedure, you can anticipate certain things.

You’ll feel your nose numbing during the surgical period. If a doctor decides to, general anaesthesia may be administered.

– The surgical procedure is carried out inside the nasal area. Doctors have to adjust cartilage and bone under the skin.

– In most cases, patients are allowed home the next day. You may be asked to stay for an extended period if your doctor finds that there are complications.


Here are some factors to consider before you make a decision. It is important that you make the right decision to avoid any complications. You can read articles to better understand the whole process and make an informed decision about the surgery.